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Best Views in Rome - Vatican City - St. Peter's Basilica

The Best Views in Rome

Top 5 Views You Can't Miss in Rome

You know when you come to Rome that you have to see the Colosseum. Vatican City cannot be missed either.  But then you start to do your research and you realize that the Eternal City is, in fact, filled with monuments and ruins, art and views, statues and more places to eat than you can possibly fit into your planned days in Rome. 

So what do we do when we want a really amazing overview of everything? We go up a few stories and enjoy a birds eye view of the city. Here are our top 5 panoramic views to absorb Rome from a little higher up.

Best Views in Rome - Gianicolo view - Janiculum Hill


There’s a reason why it’s so famous. The Gianicolo hill rises over the Trastevere neighborhood and the terrace at Piazza Garibaldi is by far it’s most impressive viewpoint. Walking the circumference of the Piazza, visitors have the chance to see the historic center on one side, the surrounding castelli romani, and a stunning sunrise if they make it there early (or late, no judgments) enough to catch it.

On the opposite side of the square is a view of St. Peter’s Basilica which allows you to see the entire Vatican City (world’s smallest country) at one time. We highly recommend making it there at noon to catch the cannon! Everyday at 12pm a (blank) cannon is fired to announce mid-day. Learn about the tradition behind the cannon by visiting the Gianicolo with our highly qualified tour guides.

Best Views in Rome - Villa Borghese - Pincio view


On the opposite side of the river inside Villa Borghese is another stunning terrace. This one looks out over Piazza del Popolo and offers one of the best views of sunset in Rome. Arrive before sunset to experience golden hour in one of Rome’s most beautiful public parks. As the sun starts to lower in the sky the whole park becomes a glittery landscape of golden hour light. Enjoy music or a drink on the terrace after you’ve walked through and explored the Borghese gardens. Afterwards, walk over to the top of the Spanish Steps and enjoy the sprawling view over Rome that unfolds before you.

Best Views in Rome - Vittoriano view


The enormous white building in Piazza Venezia cannot be missed, literally. If you’ve been to the city center you’ve surely noticed the large white monument built to Italy’s first king and opened in 1911. Around the back is a hidden gem that was added in the last 20 years. For under €15 a glass elevator takes you up the back of the Vittoriano where you can enjoy 360 degree views of the city from high above. The views over the Forum and the Colosseum are stunning, as is the landscape over the historic center. Plus, from the terrace you really get a sense of how imposing the Vittoriano building and it’s large bronze statues really are.

Best Views in Rome - Farnese Terrace in Roman Forum and Palatine Hill


This is a favorite feature of our tour around the Ancient City for good reason. Standing a little closer to land on the famous terrace on top of the late Roman Emperor’s Palace on the Palatine Hill, one cannot help but imagine time-traveling to Imperial Rome. The up close views over the Roman Forum help to bring the ruins of the city center to life, allowing the imagination to create a bustling metropolis that was the capital of the ancient Empire. The views over the Colosseum are also spectacular, allowing you the distance to really see how a sports stadium in town would have affected the ancient landscape. Finally, the view allows you to see the stunning apartments on Via San Teodoro and imagine hosting modern dinners on terraces that overlook the ancient world.

Best Views in Rome - Eitch Borromini hotel bar view


This terrace truly wins in terms of views. The first breath-taking feature is being able to look down on Piazza Navona and see the shape of the piazza and imagine it as the ancient stadium built in the 1st century AD. The rooftop views are equally as stunning and the sunset over St. Peter’s Basilica is not to be missed. Although the view is spectacular, you can’t enjoy it unless you book a place for aperitivo and/or drinks. The prices might be high for this cocktail and wine bar but we promise that the sunset will be on your list for top experiences in Rome.

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