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Coffee Shops in Rome - Pergamino coffee cup

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Rome

A Guide to the Perfect Italian Coffee Experience

Do you love your daily cup of Joe?  So do we! Let us help you discover where to go for the best of the best coffee shops in Rome.

Rome’s first specialty coffee venue, Faro (meaning ‘lighthouse’) really are the “luminaries of coffee” in the city. Located just a short walk from the central station of Roma Termini, you can satisfy all of your coffee, culinary, and other cravings in this one-stop-shop. 

Faro offers both traditional espresso and alternative brewing methods for a number of house roasted specialty single origins. 

Their food menu is fresh, exciting, and ever changing so you can enjoy the fruits of each season. Along with a full cabinet of desserts and delectable pastries, you will find something to satisfy your every need. 

If you’re looking for something a little more robust to try, Faro has a deliciously rich Nano Challa (Ethiopian) coffee stout. This beer is bold, balanced, and the absolute best beverage to enjoy for your afternoon aperitivo. 

They also have a range of hand selected organic wines that compliment their dynamic menu. 


Pergamino, located a stone’s throw from the Vatican, maintains the cosy vibe of an Italian coffee bar while elevating itself above the rest in quality. With beans from roasteries across the world, the range available to taste is second to none. The best way to experience Pergamino is to have a chat with the passionate staff about what brew style and which single origin or blend would suit you best. If you fall madly in love with a particular coffee, they also have bags of beans available for purchase so that you can take your favourites home with you. 

Offering espresso, pour over, chemex and, in the summer, their famous cold brew; this spot is the perfect place to try something different. 

Grab a slice of cake, pancakes, or a bagel to accompany your delicious brew.


If you’ve been in Italy for more than a few days, you’ll realise that brunch is not something that is too common here. Barnum, however, is a hidden gem in the heart of Rome located between Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori where you will find all of your brunch favourites. From yoghurt and fruit, to poached eggs and avocado on toast, flaky pastries and a classic BLT sandwich; Barnum has it all. 

Alongside its mouth-watering menu, you will find 100% arabica specialty coffee to enjoy in a number of brewing methods. Offering classic espresso, V60 pour over, american drip, and cold varieties as well. If you’ve had a few too many coffees for the day (if that is even possible), you can opt for a matcha latte made on your choice of a number of fancy alternative milks.

Fax Factory

For those who are lovers of the arts both visual and epicurean, Fax Factory is a must! A coffee house in an art gallery provides visitors with a multifaceted cultural experience. 

Located in the trendy, authentic neighbourhood of Pigneto, Fax Factory hosts regular exhibitions and events for local artists. 

Offering sweet treats like freshly baked fruit tarts, pastries, biscuits, and more; you can sit and choose the perfect goodie to accompany your coffee. With both pour over and espresso brews available for you to enjoy, Fax Factory provides an ever-changing array of single origins from which you may choose.  

Antico Caffè Greco

The oldest cafe in Rome, (second oldest in Italy to Cafe Florian in Venice) Antico Caffè Greco was opened in 1760 on the famous Via dei Condotti only a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna. 

Named after it’s Greek founder, over the last 260 years this historic place has hosted the likes of Byron, Keats, Hans Christian Andersen, Geothe, Wagner, and even Casanova! 

With over two and a half centuries to refine their coffee habits, this cafe is one of those magical places that has got the classic Italian espresso down to a fine art. 

Carefully selecting the blends and roasts that are on offer, here you will go down in the history books alongside some of the greats, having sampled the best of an Italian icon. 

Caffè Greco has a luscious menu of pastries and baked sweets, as well as an extensive tea selection. 

Now, things are a little pricier than average here, but the unique experience and wealth of history is well worth the extra few euros.

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