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Corner in Trastevere neighborhood in Rome

Four Best Neighborhoods in Rome (for visitors!)

Where to Stay in Rome Matters!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned almost a year into a global pandemic, it’s this: where you live matters. In Rome, during the first lockdown, we were limited to exercising within 300 meters of our houses. Our local grocery stores and pharmacies felt like an adventure and it was never more clear for all of the people in Rome that different neighborhoods or rione really changed the individuals experience of the quarantine (along with a million other factors, of course). Those fortunate enough to live in the centro storico had the opportunity to sneak past the Pantheon on their grocery store trips or to admire the Trevi Fountain. 

Needless to say, living somewhere and traveling there are different. However, at Roman Vacations, we are of the mindset that no matter how long you stay in the Eternal City, it’s always a good idea to stay somewhere that gives you the maximum opportunity to experience Rome.  We live in a time where Airbnb is often the preferred site for booking accommodations and it can be difficult to determine where the best place to stay truly is! With that being said, here is a list of our top four best neighborhoods in Rome to stay in while you visit the Eternal City. 

Piazza Navona in Centro Storico

1. Centro Storico

To be honest, nothing quite says Rome like having the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps within a 20-minute walk from your home in Rome. We adore the winding mazes of streets around Via Giulia as well as anything right around Via del Governo Vecchio. Do your morning grocery shopping in Campo de’ Fiori and then get lost as you find your way back. While this area was traditionally rather packed with tourists, we’ve truly enjoyed seeing local Rome bustling and thriving in the historic center over the past year and we know you’ll love it too!

Trastevere Santa Maria in Trastevere

2. Trastevere

What’s not to love? This neighborhood boasts delicious restaurants, cobblestone alleyways, a surprising amount of graffiti and buildings with laundry billowing out of the windows in the fresh sunshine. Visit the market at Piazza San Cosimato, people watch in Piazza Trilussa, and take in a street performer on Ponte Sisto. Trastevere is home to a few American universities and study-abroad programs so be prepared for a lively evening crowd if you stay on one of the more bustling streets.

Monti Neighborhood in Rome

3. Monti

This neighborhood is just steps away from the glorious Roman Colosseum and it offers a huge variety of rental apartments and hotels. We love vintage shopping on Via del Boschetto or Via dei Serpenti and people-watching from the infamous Piazza Madonna dei Monti. The small neighborhood is filled with adorable restaurants and a hip crowd of people, both visitors and locals. This is a great location for those obsessed with antiquity, the neighborhood is literally bordered by the remains of the great Imperial Roman Forum. In the evening, head to Via dei Fori Imperiali to watch the sunset over the remains of downtown ancient Rome.

People shopping at a market in Testaccio neighborhood in Rome

4. Testaccio

This neighborhood is decidedly local. We wanted to include it for our guests who might be interested in renting an apartment for a week or two to truly soak in day-to-day Roman life. Enjoy people watching in Piazza Testaccio and spend hours perusing the beautiful fruit, vegetable and takeaway food stands in Mercato Testaccio. This neighborhood is less than 30 minutes walking from the Colosseum and yet is often completely overlooked by tourists. If you want to immerse yourself in local culture and life, try staying in this traditional and local ‘hood. Oh, and did we mention some of the best traditional Roman food in the city can be found here too? 

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