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Cheap Eats Near Vatican City - Saint Peter's Basilica

Cheap Eats Near Vatican City

Best places for lunch for under 10€

So, you’ve finished your Vatican Tour, and your brain is spinning from all your new knowledge. Michelangelo and Raphael and St. Peter’s Basilica, oh my! You suddenly realize it’s past mid-day and your stomach is communicating aggressively that it has needs too. You head out into St. Peter’s Square and realize that not only do you not know how to get back to your hotel, you also have no idea where to eat. Have no fear, here are 4 great places to grab a fantastic and affordable lunch on-the-go.


 Via Germanico 43

This incredibly charming organic food shop offers a huge variety of fresh, healthy and tasty options. From a made-to-order panini on homemade bread to the amazing salads that they make from scratch in house, you can’t go wrong grabbing some food to go and taking it to eat in one of Rome’s beautiful piazzas. They also have a seating area with both indoor and outdoor tables. In addition, they offer a huge variety of handmade fruit juices and pastries. The staff are PASSIONATE about their food, and it shows. 

Forno Feliziani

Via Candia 61

A tour guide staple, the pizza dough here might be the softest, most flavorful, most delicate dough you’ve ever eaten. Order the “pizza al taglio” (they cut off a piece, weigh it, warm it and serve it to you fresh). The occasional line you have to wait in before your little slice of heaven is served to you is absolutely worth it. In addition, they have a delicious variety of bread, amazing sweet treats and a whole range of cakes and cookies that you can take back to your hotel for a midnight snack. 


Piazza Risorgimento, 11

If you’ve come to Rome and you haven’t eaten a trapizzino have you really been to Rome? This classic trademarked street food has a handful of locations around Rome and each one serves high quality amazing food. The location near the Vatican in Piazza Risorgimento is especially cool because they also have a huge selection of local beers plus a specialty coffee shop located right next door. So what will you be eating? A trapizzino is a play on words combining pizza with ‘tramezzino’ which are the little triangular sandwiches with white bread that you see in the cafes and bars around the city. This delectable version uses pizza crust as a pocket and then fills the crust like a small sandwich with delicious fillings including eggplant parmesan or fresh meatballs with red sauce. We recommend eating (at least!) two per person.

La Nicchia

Via Cipro, 4L

This newcomer offers delicious salads, wraps and sandwiches with fresh organic ingredients. Sit down at one of their tables or grab your food to-go and hop on the metro at Cipro back towards the city center to enjoy a delicious sandwich in Piazza del Popolo or on your way to the Trevi Fountain. La Nicchia (the niche) is a healthy option where you can get classics like avocado toast, or go more Italian with sandwiches featuring everything from mozzarella to prosciutto crudo and sun-dried tomatoes. We highly recommend them for breakfast, lunch or aperitivo. 

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