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Italy Coronavirus News

Get All of the Latest Covid-19 News about the Coronavirus in Italy

Stay up to date with the latest travel restrictions, regional changes and Italy’s zone system with our Covid-19 news updates.  Each time the Prime Minister Mario Draghi puts out a new decree, we will be sure to keep you informed.  

Covid-19 Italy - Michelangelo Creation of Adam with Coronavirus mask
Italy Covid-19 Updates

This week we have heard of two new updates to Italy’s Covid-19 related policies. The first, an announcement from PM Conte that the state of …

Covid-19 Italy - USA and Italy travel
Covid-19 News for the USA
As of September 7, citizens of the USA are still not allowed to enter Italy for tourism.  There are exceptions to these covid-19 restrictions for ...
Covid-19 Italy and Australia travel
Covid-19 Info for Australians and New Zealanders
Unfortunately, at this time recreational international travel for Australians is not permitted due to Covid-19 related restrictions set forth by the Australian government.  Be aware ...