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Covid-19 Italy - Italian tricolor mask

Latest Coronavirus Decree for Italy October 13, 2020


On October 13th, 2020 Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the latest decree of Covid-19 restrictions for all of Italy.  Most of the restrictions from the previous decree are still in place, with a few new ones in order to combat the recent rise in Covid-19 infections throughout the country.  As Italy enters into its second wave, we are seeing more cases, but fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the last time the numbers of infected were at this level.  The new rules are expected to be followed by a country of Italian citizens willing to play their part in fighting this wave of Coronavirus as temperatures drop and we enter into the cold and flu season.  

The new rules and restrictions for Italians will be in effect from October 14th to November 13th, 2020.


The use of protective masks are now mandatory in all closed spaces as well as outdoors, except when continued isolation from non-cohabitant people (examples: if one is completely alone, or with cohabitant family members, in the countryside or on a mountain trail).

People exempt from this are:     

  • Children under the age of 6
  • People practicing sports activities (running/jogging). It is however mandatory for walking.
  • People with pathologies or disabilities which are incompatible with wearing a mask. 


Moreover, the use of masks is also recommended (not mandatory) in private houses if there are non-cohabitant people.


Bars and restaurants are allowed to sell take-away alcoholic beverages until 9pm, at which time standing outside consuming is no longer allowed, and customers must be seated or return home.  

Bars and restaurants may remain open until midnight, however between 9pm and midnight patrons must be seated and maintain social distance.

Discos and nightclubs are to remain closed.


Gatherings for civil and religious ceremonies (such as weddings or funerals) are now limited to 30 people.

Gatherings in the home of more than 6 people that do not cohabitate is strongly discouraged, however officials say that the police/carabinieri will not be entering homes to check.


Amateur level contact sports (such as football) are no longer allowed unless the competitions and activities are part of associations or clubs recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) or the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP).  The sports still allowed must always be in compliance with the covid-19 protocols issued by the sporting authorities.


The quarantine period has been reduced from 14 to 10 days.  This is for people who have come into contact with a person who tested positive for covid-19.  

People who test positive for covid-19 should follow the rules in the previous decrees and the advice of their doctor and those at the testing centers. 


This includes stadiums, concerts, theaters and cinemas.

The maximum capacity allowed at these events is 1000 people for outdoor events, and 200 people for indoor events.  Social distancing, mask and safety rules must be followed and temperature checks carried out upon entry.


The travel restrictions from our previous post still apply, with the following changes…

As of October 8 Croatia, Greece and Malta are no longer included in the list of countries that require a molecular or antigenic test upon arrival in Italy.

As of October 8 Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain are on the list of countries that if travelling to Italy must do the following:

  • Fill in the self-declaration form
  • Present a negative result of a molecular or antigenic swab test having been taken within 72 hours of entering Italy.                                                                         OR
  • Take a molecular or antigenic swab test upon arrival at the airport, port, or border location or within 48 hours of entering Italy at an official Health Authority testing site.
  • Report entry into Italy to the Prevention Department of the Health Authority.


See the official transcript of the decree in English by clicking here.