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Covid-19 Italy PM Conte Decree

Latest Decree for Covid-19 Restrictions in Italy

The “Soft Lockdown” has begun

As cases rise and hospitals fill up, Italy continues to battle Covid-19 in the beginning of flu season.  This Sunday, October 25, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the latest national restrictions for Italy.   Each region has some autonomy to increase these measures as they see fit for the needs of their own region, so please check out your region’s government websites for specific rules.

The national rules for Italy as of Monday October 26 through November 23, 2020 are as follows:

Dining and Drinking

Restaurants, bars and pubs may remain open between the hours of 5am and 6pm daily.  Social distancing and maximum capacity limitations must continue as previously stated, with maximum occupancy displayed at the entrance.  Maximum people per table is 4, unless they all cohabitate together.  

Public Transport

It is recommended not to use public transport unless for situations of need such as work, study or healthcare.


Gyms, Pools and Spas are to remain closed.  Recreation and club sports are to be suspended unless they can remain in compliance with social distancing and no gatherings in accordance with the guidelines issued by the FMSI (Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana).  All amateur contact sports are suspended, professional sports and competitions may continue.

Cinemas, Theaters and Concert Halls, Casinos and Discos are to remain closed.

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks are to suspend all activity and remain closed.

Roads and Squares where people form large gatherings may be closed from 9pm to 5am.

At Home

Masks are recommended in the home between non-cohabitants.  It is strongly recommended not to have non-cohabiting people in your home unless in emergency or urgent need.

It is still mandatory to wear masks at all times in public, even outdoors.  Masks should only be removed when seated to eat/drink and in your own home. 

The national curfew remains in effect from midnight (12am) until 5am daily.